Leaving Europe On October 14th 2016, I boarded the 214 meter cargo vessel Grande Africa in Hamburg, together with my truck ‘El Toro’ and my dirt bike ‘Luzy’. Crossing the…

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down by the river


Uruguay gracefully opened the floor to my South American travels. While I didn’t spend the time and dedication the country deserves, it was a very pleasant experience with memorable moments.…

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no roads, only directions


Argentina invited me with a warm hug and a sense of freedom driving through seemingly never ending land under bright blue skies. I’ll be here for some time… Argentina Gallery

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Breaking the ice Antarctica does not leave any doubt that the world as you know it ends right here. After paying your tall of two days rough sea, you enter…

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Nestled alongside the west of the Andes, Chile offers a stunning scenery with a tropical touch. Chile Gallery

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Getting High Bolivia nestles its treasures way up the plateau, surrounded by tough climbs. But eventually it reveals some of the planet’s most scenic spots. Bolivia Gallery

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